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  1. Elvis Presley - Elvis Country (1971) [2015] [96kHz/24bit] Country: USA Genre: Rock, Pop Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [96kHz/24bit] Time: 38:50 Full Size: 846.39 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  2. Echo And The Bunnymen - Evergreen (25 Year Anniversary Edition) 1997 (2022) 44.1-24 Country: UK Genre: Alternative Rock, New Wave, Post-punk Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [44,1kHz/24 bit] Time: 02:15:30 Full Size: 1.69 GB Originally released in 1997, 'Evergreen' represented a triumphant return to critical and commercial success for Echo & The Bunnymen. Their first album since their reformation in 1993, with Ian McCulloch brought back on board after the Noel Burke-fronted 'Reverberation', this anthemic alt-pop gem included the UK Top Ten hit 'Nothing Lasts Forever' and the singles 'I Want To Be There (When You Come)' and 'Don't Let It Get You Down'. Twenty-fifth anniversary edition includes B-sides, radio sessions and live performances. Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  3. Tommy DeCarlo - Dancing in the Moonlight (2022) 44.1-24 Country: Genre: Melodic Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [44,1kHz/24 bit] Time: 49:57 Full Size: 603.08 MB Frontiers Music Srl is proud to present the debut solo album from vocalist Tommy DeCarlo, "Dancing In The Moonlight". DeCarlo, best known for having performed with Boston since 2007, is a world class singer with vocal chops perfectly suited for the classic AOR style that dominated popular culture in the '70s and into the '80s. Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  4. Landfall - Elevate (2022) 44.1-24 Country: Brazil Genre: Melodic Rock, AOR Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [44,1kHz/24 bit] Time: 51:34 Full Size: 648.33 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość] Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to present the sophomore album, "Elevate" from Brazilian melodic rockers Landfall. Hailing from Curitiba, Brazil, Landfall features singer Gui Oliver (ex-Auras), guitarist Marcelo Gelbcke, bassist Thiago Forbeci, and drummer Felipe Souzza. The band's delightful Melodic Rock/AOR sound can best be described as falling somewhere between classic melodic rock, a là Journey, and slightly heavier influences, such as classic era Dokken, White Lion, and Extreme. With phenomenal musical and songwriting abilities and the golden voice of Oliver, Landfall is truly a welcome addition to the melodic rock genre. "This record definitely sums up the essence of who we are as a band. Being our second album, we were much more comfortable creating this music, so I think our personalities as musicians are even more apparent this time. As a group, we are currently living such a great moment and I think it has been reflected in our new music," says guitarist Marcelo Gelbcke. Lead singer and lyricist Gui Oliver believes that the new songs are stronger than ever and capture the best of each band member. "We know exactly what we want to say, the music we want to play. Also, Marcelo and Felipe were meticulous in every detail of the production creating a special atmosphere for the songs," he says. "In terms of writing and production, the entire process went smoothly, although we knew we would have a lot of work coming on our way. We did the whole piece in nine months. Even before we wrote the first seed of a song, we knew from the beginning what we should focus on and where to go. This makes a huge difference in the end. As we're self-producers, what you will listen to on the tracks is the exact way we want to sound. 'Elevate' is the LANDFALL's version 2.0. Powerful tones with well-built foundations and harmonies and really catchy melodies," says drummer Felipe Souzza. Landfall was originally formed by drummer Felipe Souzza and guitarist Marcelo Gelbcke, childhood friends who have been playing together since they were about 15 years old. Some years later, bassist Thiago Forbeci joined up with them and added new musical input and influences, at which point the band decided to go in a new direction. During this period, they released three independent albums under the name Wild Child, performing several concerts around Brazil, including opening for acts such as Glenn Hughes and Mike Vescera. Joined in 2017 by the former Auras singer Gui Oliver, Landfall began writing songs that would eventually become their first album released by Frontiers Records, "The Turning Point". As a songwriter, Oliver had previously written songs for several artists from the label, including Jimi Jamison, Bobby Kimball, Fergie Frederiksen, and Issa. About Landfall, he said "I was really glad to be back with Frontiers with a new band and new songs in a new perspective. When I met the guys for the first time, I was really impressed by what gifted musicians they were. I knew we could make some great music together." During the period between releasing "The Turning Point" and commencing work on their second album "Elevate", Marcelo Gelbcke, along with Semblant vocalist Sergio Mazul, wrote, produced, and recorded the first Icon of Sin album, a heavy metal tour de force featuring the incredibly talented Brazilian vocalist Raphael Mendes. As for Gui Oliver, he released the debut Mayank album together with Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Hardline), Rolf Nordström (Perfect Plan), and Nicholas Papappico (Robin McAuley), another killer slice of melodic rock/AOR.
  5. Roger Waters - The Lockdown Sessions (2022) 48-24 Country: UK Genre: Progressive Rock, Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [48kHz/24 bit] Time: 39:28 Full Size: 457.16 MB Roger Waters is release a full album of material compiled during his lockdown sessions, conducted during the height of the pandemic. Beginning in May of 2020 and running through 2022, Waters recorded at-home versions of various Pink Floyd classics as well as his own solo material. "Mother," "Vera" and "Bring the Boys Back Home" from 1979's The Wall, as well as "Two Suns in the Sunset" and "The Gunners Dream" from The Final Cut are among the songs Waters recorded for the project. The songs have all reportedly been mastered for the album, while the recently released "Comfortably Numb 2022" - a reimagining of Pink Floyd's famed 1980 single - will also be part of the LP. Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  6. Sabu - Banshee (2022) 44.1-24 Country: USA Genre: Hard Rock, AOR Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [44,1kHz/24 bit] Time: 49:12 Full Size: 605.23 MB Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Sabu to the label and the subsequent release of a new album, "Banshee". Sabu is the namesake of singer/guitarist/producer Paul Sabu, whose outstanding contributions to the genre over the past three decades have made him a legendary figure in the world of AOR. This will be the first Sabu album since 1998's "Between The Light" and the sixth Sabu album overall. "Banshee" was created in collaboration with Barry Sparks (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Schenker Group, UFO, Dokken, and Ted Nugent), who, along with Paul, provides all the instrumentation on the album, as well as background vocals. Fans who are familiar with Sabu's work will find that the sound and vibe of "Banshee" is in line with Paul's classic releases under the band moniker Only Child, so, needless to say, something for AOR aficionados to truly look forward to. Paul Sabu is a rock legend. For over 30 years he has done it all, from singer and songwriter to coveted guitarist, producer, and recording engineer. He has created smash hits, chart-topping albums, and an arsenal of top artists, and his numerous awards and accomplishments make him one of the most influential and best-selling artists in AOR history. Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  7. David Crosby - Live at the Capitol Theatre (2022) 44.1-24 Country: USA Genre: Folk Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [44,1kHz/24 bit] Time: 01:12:44 Full Size: 789.1 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  8. Tarmat - Out of the Blue (2022) 44.1-24 Country: Brazil Genre: AOR, Melodic Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [44,1kHz/24 bit] Time: 42:10 Full Size: 509.46 MB Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Tarmat, an exciting new AOR/Melodic Rock band hailing from Niteroi, Brazil, for the release of debut album "Out Of The Blue" on December 9, 2022. Alexandre Daumerie (vocals), Eduardo Marcolino (guitars), Gabriel Aquino (keyboards) and Jose Marcus (bass) formed the band mid-2020 during the early stages of the global pandemic. Four longtime friends, they have been playing together in hard rock bands since 2006. Eduardo and Gabriel are also childhood friends who play together in the instrumental progressive rock band Anxtron. Born from a yearning to start a new band to write and play some original AOR-oriented music together, "Out Of The Blue" was recorded during 2021-22. Rafael Marcolino provided drums, while the album was mixed and mastered in Sweden by Eduardo Belchior (Intense Music Productions) and Ronny Milianowicz, respectively. With a clear nod to the 80s, yet sounding fresh, Tarmat's music is influenced by varied acts from across rock's spectrum such as Journey, Boston, Europe, Simply Red, Christopher Cross, Van Halen, Toto and Queen. Melodic Rock/AOR fans from around the world will surely find much to enjoy on the band's debut, "Out Of The Blue". Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  9. Rob Moratti - Epical (2022) 44.1-24 Country: Canada Genre: Haed Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [44,1kHz/24 bit] Time: 45:04 Full Size: 368.21 MB Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of "Epical", the new solo album from vocalist Rob Moratti. Moratti is a solo artist, the lead vocalist of Moratti and Final Frontier, and the former singer of Saga. Moratti, a genuine and true original, has an astonishing range and has carved a unique style for himself, blending the finest elements of melodic and progressive rock. Thist will be Rob's fifth solo album and his first release with Frontiers. Filled with his trademark harmonies and memorable choruses, the songs on "Epical'' are some of the best of Rob's career. The album also features a stellar cast of contributing writers and performers, including Joel Hoekstra on lead guitar, Tony Franklin on bass, Felix Borg on drums (and co-writing), Fredrik Bergh on keys (and co-writing), Ulrick Lönnqvist, Steve Augeri, and Pete Alpenborg (who also contributes rhythm guitar and keyboard). Needless to say this is quite a line up for this excellent album! Moratti started his professional singing career in the early 90's as lead vocalist and songwriter of the band Moratti. They were immediately well received, garnering airplay in Japan and Europe. In 2002, Rob's future went forward with Final Frontier, a band with whom he has released four incredible melodic-minded metal albums. Over the years in spite of all the changes in the music scene, Rob's perseverance and passion have stayed strong. His talent captured the attention of the multi-platinum selling legendary progressive rock band SAGA and in 2008, Rob Moratti would become the new vocalist for the band for a period of time, appearing on 2009's "The Human Condition". Over the course of his solo career, Rob has also worked with many incredible musicians like Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, TSO, ex-Night Ranger) Reb Beach (Whitesnake. Winger), Tony Franklin (ex- Blue Murder, The Firm), Brian Doerner (Saga), Ian Crichton (Saga), and Steve Augeri (ex-Journey). Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  10. Journey - Live in Concert at Lollapalooza (2022) 44.1-24 Country: USA Genre: AOR, Melodic Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [44,1kHz/24 bit] Time: 01:38:45 Full Size: 1.19 GB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  11. Mick's Jaguar - Salvation (2022) 48-24 Country: USA Genre: Hard Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [48kHz/24 bit] Time: 31:15 Full Size: 403.57 MB Born to stalk death and destined to make righteous noise, Mick's Jaguar are a force to be reckoned with. Formed in Brooklyn many moons ago as a one-off Rolling Stones cover band for an impromptu New Year's Eve party, the N.Y.C. collective sound like the bastard son of an unholy union between Judas Priest and Guns N' Roses. Their debut album, 2018's Fame And Fortune, received praise from both American and European press alike, with one review describing their sound thusly: "If Ace Frehley was in Thin Lizzy and it was the summer of 1977 . and they were all really into The Sex Pistols and AC/DC." Since then, the band have toured nationwide, made appearances at the inaugural Psycho Smokeout in Los Angeles and Desertfest New York, and opened for legendary punk and hard rock acts like Airborne, The Adicts and Turbonegro's late/great frontman Hank von Hell. After losing their bassist in the dense jungle boughs of Thailand, Mick's Jaguar enlisted the help of close friends Jack Ridley (Drowners) and Aaron Roche (Wye Oak, Anhoni, Toth) to record another round of 10 bar-fighting rock tracks at Brooklyn's Figure 8 Recording with engineer Philip Weinrobe (Adrianne Lenker, Alanis Morissette). The result? Their killer sophomore album Salvation, which once again finds the band living too late, bound for hell and quite possibly claiming the title of greatest rock 'n' roll band on the planet. "Like every band says at every show these days, it feels incredible to be back," says vocalist John Martin. "But after the last three years of bullshit, this is the music you need. We're stoked to see there's a new wave of bands coming up that are making music for rock fans like us." Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  12. Keith Morrissey - Rock Drama (2022) 48-24 Country: USA Genre: Hard Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [48kHz/24 bit] Time: 35:40 Full Size: 475.65 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  13. Elvis Presley - That's The Way It Is (1970) [2015] [96kHz/24bit] Country: USA Genre: Rock,Pop Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [96kHz/24 bit] Time: 46:06 Full Size: 1004.83 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  14. Puscifer - V Is for Versatile (Versatile Mix) (2022) 96-24 Country: USA Genre: Post-industrial, Experimental rock, Electronic rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [96kHz/24 bit] Time: 51:59 Full Size: 1020.12 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  15. The Blue Stones - Pretty Monster (2022) 96-24 Country: Canada Genre: Alternative Rock, Blues rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [96kHz/24 bit] Time: 34:55 Full Size: 713.45 MB From Windsor, Ontario, Canada; the duo is built on an electrifying blues-rock sound with alternative rock accents. They have been praised for their big and bold live performances, and have been featured on TV shows such as Suits, Parks and Rec, Battle Creek and Monday Night Football. They've opened for acts such as Justin Nozuka, Fitz and The Tantrums, Big Sugar and more. Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
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