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  1. Deep Purple - Fireball 1971 (2016) 96-24 Country: UK Genre: Hard Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [96 kHz/24 bit] Time: 40:31 Full Size: 855.16 MB Having already gotten off to a great start with „Deep Purple In Rock", this Purple lineup of Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, Roger Glover, and Ian Paice fit together like interlocking pieces. Blessed with such unerring chemistry, Purple raised the bar for hard rock with such nuggets as the hard-driving title track and the grinding 'Fools.' Elsewhere, they show surprising range with the country-flavored 'Anyone's Daughter' (featuring some impressive finger picking by Blackmore) and the Jimi Hendrix-influenced 'No One Came' (which includes a dollop of psychedelic backwards guitar). Also included is the Purple epic 'The Mule,' a sweeping tour de force dominated by Blackmore's Middle Eastern-tinged soloing and Lord's Pink Floyd-ian keyboard runs. The song became a highlight of Deep Purple's live shows. „One of Deep Purple's four indispensable albums (the others being In Rock, Machine Head, and Burn), 1971's Fireball saw the band broadening out from the no-holds-barred hard rock direction of the previous year's cacophonous In Rock. Metal machine noises introduced the sizzling title track -- an unusually compact but explosively tight group effort on which Jon Lord's organ truly shined. The somewhat tiring repetitions of 'No No No' actually threatened to drop the ball next, but the fantastic single 'Strange Kind of Woman' nimbly caught and set it rolling again, just in time for the innuendo-encrusted hilarity of 'Anyone's Daughter,' featuring one of singer Ian Gillan's first (and still best) humorous storylines to go with one of guitarist Ritchie Blackmore's most uncharacteristic, bluesiest performances ever. 'The Mule' opened the vinyl album's second side with what is perhaps Purple's finest instrumental, and on the hyper-extended 'Fools,' the bandmembers proved they could flirt with progressive rock without plunging off its cliff (although the song could probably have done without its drawn-out middle section). And closing the album was the exceptional 'No One Came,' where intertwining instrumental lines locked together beautifully, Gillan wove another entertaining yarn that was part autobiography and part Monty Python, and the often underrated skills of drummer Ian Paice helped the song sound so unreservedly fresh and intuitive that one could almost be convinced the band had winged it on the spot. Sure, the following year's Machine Head would provide Deep Purple with their commercial peak, but on Fireball, the formidable quintet was already firing on all cylinders." (Eduardo Rivadavia, AMG) Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  2. Beatallica - The Devolver Album (2021) [44.1-24] Country: USA Genre: Thrash Metal, Alternative Rock, Parody,Heavy Metal Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [44,1kHz/24 bit] Time: 34:41 Full Size: 423.6 MB [Ukryta zawartość] Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  3. Udo Lindenberg & Das Panik-Orchester - Dröhnland Symphonie 1978 (2013 Remaster) (2021) 96-24 Country: Germany Genre: Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [96 kHz/24 bit] Time: 38:52 Full Size: 831.95 MB Udo Lindenberg veröffentlicht seit 1971 Platten, hat über vier Jahrzehnte immer wieder den Nerv der Zeit getroffen und wie kaum ein anderer die Menschen emotional erreicht. Sein Werk ist Zeitgeschichte − unterhaltsam, politisch, romantisch und tiefgründig zugleich. So etwas schaffen nur sehr wenige Künstler. Seine Arbeit umfasst mehr als 40 Platten (Live- und Studioalben, sowie DVDs), und ein Großteil seines Werkes wurde nun für die Programm-Initiative "HighResAudio" neu in 24-Bit gemastert. "Udo Lindenberg Mastered for HighResAudio" ist bis dato das umfangreichste Projekt, welches in Deutschland in dieses neue Format gebracht wurde. Das Ganze geschah in Düsseldorf, in der Skyline Tonfabrik, wo uns Peter "Jem" Seifert und Kai Blankenberg Einblicke in den Prozess und die Hintergründe des Projekts geben. Die meisten Master waren auf 1/4″-Analogbändern. Warner Music und Universal haben uns ihr komplettes Archiv zugänglich gemacht. Alle Bänder liefen auf 38 cm/Sekunde, teilweise mit Dolby A aufgenommen. Das war schon ein irrer Moment, als wir das erste 1/4″-Band aufgelegt haben: Ball Pompös von 1974, in dem Jahr bin ich geboren! Es lief einwandfrei ohne Abrieb und klang tierisch: Gänsehaut! Nach wie vor eine meiner Lieblings-Udo-Platten. Für jedes Band hat Oliver Gregor (Rockruepel) die Bandmaschine optimal neu eingemessen. Beim Aussteuern der Wandler haben wir auf ca. 6 dB Headroom geachtet und haben ganz leise oder laute Bänder mit einem analogen Verstärker etwas angehoben oder abgesenkt. So haben wir einerseits sichergestellt, immer so nah wie möglich am Originalsound zu bleiben, und hatten andererseits immer einen vergleichbaren Pegel bei den Audiofiles, was für ein schnelles und strukturiertes Arbeiten wichtig war. Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  4. New Model Army - From Here (2019) 48-24 Country: UK Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Punk Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [48 kHz/24 bit] Time: 59:34 Full Size: 742.22 MB From Here is the 15th studio album from British rock outfit New Model Army and follows 2016's Winter. Recorded at the remote Ocean Sound Recording Studio on the Norwegian island Giske, the album sees Justin Sullivan and co. deliver a collection of rousing and anthemic songs in their own unique style. The single "End of Days" is included. © Rich Wilson /TiVo Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  5. Earthless - Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky 2007 (2022) 44.1-24 Country: USA Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Experimental Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [44,1kHz/24 bit] Time: 46:48 Full Size: 573.25 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  6. Pink Floyd - Night (2021) 192-24 Country: UK Genre: Art Rock, Prog Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [192 kHz/24 bit] Time: 0:34:16 Full Size: 793.79 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  7. Lovebites - In The Beginning - The Best Of 2017-2021 (2021) 48-24 Country: Japan Genre: Heavy Metal,Power Metal Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [48 kHz/24 bit] Time: 57:20 Full Size: 583.52 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  8. Deep Purple - In Concert 72 (2012 Remix Edition) (2014) 96-24 Country: UK Genre: Hard Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [96 kHz/24 bit] Time: 01:19:32 Full Size: 1.77 GB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  9. Pink Floyd - Chillout (2021) 44.1-24 Country: UK Genre: Art Rock, Prog Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [44.1-192 kHz/24 bit] Time: 25:31 Full Size: 536.95 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  10. Skillet - Dominion (2022) 48-24 Country: USA Genre: Alt. Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [48 kHz/24 bit] Time: 45:31 Full Size: 605.55 MB For Dominion, its dynamic 11th studio album, Skillet takes a familiar formula while adding some extra ingredients that elevate the Wisconsin band's sound to both heavier and softer directions. Dominion offers plenty to dig into for Skillet fans, and it sets the band back on track in delivering big anthemic songs that are still plenty heavy. Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  11. Cat Power - Covers (2022) 96-24 Country: USA Genre: Indie Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [96 kHz/24 bit] Time: 43:16 Full Size: 757.72 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  12. Earthless - Sonic Prayer 2005 (2022) 44.1-24 Country: USA Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Experimental Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [44,1kHz/24 bit] Time: 41:46 Full Size: 515.63 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  13. Kinaxis - Proximity (2022) 44.1-24 Country: USA Genre: Progressive Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [44,1kHz/24 bit] Time: 38:55 Full Size: 475.71 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  14. Lily Löwe - Löwe (2022) 48-24 Country: Norway Genre: Hard Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [48 kHz/24 bit] Time: 34:37 Full Size: 467.77 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
  15. Nelumbo - The Crack up Blues (2022) 96-24 Country: Argentina Genre: Jazz Rock,Blues Format: FLAC (*tracks) Quality: Lossless [96 kHz/24 bit] Time: 22:42 Full Size: 457.54 MB Download from [b]HotLink[/b] [Ukryta zawartość]
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